Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 w/Rudder

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  • Updated for 2018

    An icon is reimagined in the all-new Tsunami. The aesthetics of the new Tsunami inspire performance and exploration with modern deck lines, while a focus on improving the paddler’s experience sees new features incorporated into the design – two removable mesh deck storage bags are perfect for stowing close-at-hand items, and an under-deck storage area provides another alternative for staging your favorite beverage. Small changes with big effects have also been integrated into the hull – the flared sidewalls and increased volume above the waterline have been improved to provide more confidence and stability, while the longer waterline has increased speed and efficiency.

    *Most kayaks are pictured here without rudder*

    *Please Note: We don't ship kayaks at this time, but would be happy to facilitate an in-store pickup.

    • Rudder: Rudder for improved control and tracking.
    • Soft Carry Handles: Soft carry handles allow for a secure grip that is easy on the hands and comfortable at any angle.
    • Stern Hatch: Larger rear hatch for easy storage of bulkier gear.
    • Stern Bulkhead: Bulkhead inside stern allows for water resistant storage and floatation.
    • Paddle Groove: Can be used for extra stability on shore when entering and exiting the boat.
    • Phase 3® AirPro Tour Seat: The most comfortable kayak seat out there. The Tsunami’s Phase 3® AirPro seat has improved adjustability allowing the seat to trim forward and back and has improved back strap routing for extra comfort.
    • Under Deck Water Bottle Holder: Keep your water bottle close and out of the way. The holder tucks your water bottle up to the deck and keeps it clear for easy entry and exits.
    • Deck Gear Pockets: Mesh Deck Gear Pockets keep your important smaller items secure and within easy reach.
    • Bungee Deck Rigging: Adjust your deck rigging to fit safety gear, spare paddles or lunch.
    • Sealed Bulkhead: Bulkhead inside bow allows for water resistant storage and floatation.
    • Bow Hatch: Store your gear with confidence. The hatch allows for storage of your smaller gear inside the front of your Tsunami.

  • Length 14' / 427 cm
    Width 25.5" / 65cm
    Deck Height 14" / 35.5 cm
    Weight 53lbs. / 24 kg
    Capacity 325lbs. / 147 kg
    Cockpit Size
    35.75" x 20"
    Harmony Skirt/Cover Size 38/20
    Rudder/Skeg Rudder