Malone Kayak Kit Standard


$54.95 CAD

  • The Standard Kayak Kit includes everything needed to safely and affordably transport one kayak. The 14" blocks feature a universal cut-out profile that fits round, square and oval load bars. Includes two 15' load straps and safety tie-downs. Made in the USA with the finest EVA closed cell foam.

    • 14" long foam blocks to transport most kayaks
    • Two 15' load straps for a confident transport
    • Safety tie-downs to fully ensure a safe installation
    • Reusable packaging holds the kit when not in use

    • Weight: 3.3 lb
    • Length: 14" (per block)
    • Width: 4.75" (per block)
    • Height: 3.75" (per block)
    • Load capacity: 55 lb
      • Installation:
        • Bow and stern safety tie-downs are required for all rooftop transport(s).
        • Prior to installation, carefully clean the roof of the vehicle and bottoms of the foam blocks to avoid scuff marks from dirt & dust.
        • All foam block kits use straps that can potentially allow rain water to enter the vehicle.
      • What's Included:
        • (2) 14" Foam Blocks
        • (2) 15' Cam Buckle Load Straps
        • (2) Bow and Stern Lines
        • (1) Reusable Packaging
        • (1) Instruction Manual