Yakima Outdoorsman 300 FS


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  • The versatile, no-drill Outdoorsman lets you create a top-of-vehicle truck rack system for your full-size pickup truck—without the need for a camper shell—while leaving you full access to the truck bed.

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    • This easily-installed truck rack system clamps onto truck bed rails without any drilling
    • Compatible with all Yakima accessories for multi-sport adventures
    • Best for mid to full-size truck beds. If you need a truck rack system for a compact truck, see the Outdoorsman 300 Compact
    • Combine with round bars (sold separately) to perfectly match truck width
    • Heavy-duty construction handles up to 300 lbs.
    • Comes with 2 towers per package
      • Q: What size crossbar can I use? A: The minimum size is 58", but you can also use 66" or 78" bars.

        Q: Does it come with protection for bed rail? A: Yes.  Pads are included.

        Q: Do I need any tools? A: Yes, a 3/4" wrench.

        Q: My bedliner covers the entire rail, can I still use the Outdoorsman? A: Yes, but you may need to cut away a section of the liner on the underside of the bedrail. Installing the anchor with liner material interfering can cause the brackets and load to fall away from the vehicle!

        Q: My pickup has flared sides, can I still use the Outdoorsman? A: Possibly.  Examine the bed.  If a strong metal bed lip with no obstructions is present, it should work fine.